Semenax Review

Semenax Review – Canada’s Best Volume Pill

Semenax is a key player in a rather limited niche (Semen Enhancers) where there are only two or possibly three major players.

When compared to other male enhancement products where there are hundreds of products out there, you can literally count the number of semen enhancers on one hand.

There are two main products available, interestingly they are both made by the same manufacturer (Leading Edge Health) They are Volume Pills and the subject of this review Semenax.

There are actually very few differences between the two. 

My main points to consider are that the ingredients in Semenax are certainly more extensive and the website is far more open about the formula, its doses and what you should expect when taking it.

Semenax Promises To Help Users To:

  • Increase The Duration and Power of Ejaculations
  • improving Your Control Of Ejaculations (Great for Anybody Suffering With Premature Ejaculation)
  • Boosting The Volume Of Semen Produced
  • Maximising Libido And General Virility

I was a little surprised that their claims do not mention the improvement of erectile function and arousal, looking at the formula, I know that it contains several proven ingredients that are known for their ability to boost erection strength and size – 

Still these will be bonus effects of this product which has been designed and developed to work as a semen volume enhancer.

Semenax is definitely dearer than its cheaper sibling, but it does contain more ingredients, and should ( based on my research) deliver some better results across the board.

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The Semenax Bottle and Pills

Semenax is shipped in discreet packaging, it arrives in a white bottle with a clear product label that clearly lists the ingredients and the instructions on usage.

Take the cap off, and there is a seal across the top that confirms to you that the product is unused and unopened. There are 90 capsules in the bottle, sufficient for 30 days use.

The capsules themselves are a manageable size – a little under 2.3 cm long. Its not the largest capsule that I have ever taken but it’s larger than some.

The capsules do not have any real taste about them, although there is a slight earthy, maybe oaty smell that accompanies them.

Semenax Formula

The makers have crammed a massive 17 ingredients into the capsules, and this is reflected in the dosage (3 capsules per day)

The formula is full of antioxidants that all work to rid the body of harmful toxins that enter the body through the environment – called free radicals they attack the cells, reducing their effectiveness, and their ability to repair and reproduce. 

This alone should make the body more efficient at producing semen., what it should do as well is improve overall penile health, boosting blood flow, erection strength and overall performance.

Although this is not a claim actually made by Semenax, they simply market this product as a semen volume enhancer.

The ingredient label is well detailed and informative, my only comment is that the makers have omitted Bioperine™ from the formula, not a semen enhancer in its own right, its benefit is that its commonly used because it  improves and boosts the bioavailability and absorption of the key ingredients .

Here is a photo of the ingredient label:

Looking At The Ingredients In Greater Depth

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is 100% essential for healthy sperm production, high in antioxidants too, it helps to maximise not only semen volume but sperm motility too ( helping to boost actual fertility) Its a fact that 80% of male infertility is due to sperm abnormality, this can be alleviated by getting rid of the harmful free radicals and boosting the volume and quality of your semen production

Zinc Aspartate

Zinc is one of life’s essential minerals and is found in many male health formulas. It is great at boosting testosterone production, and when taken alongside folic acid can boost semen production and sperm count in men with reduced fertility.

Its also essential to the maintenance of our immune system. a shortfall in Zinc is not just detrimental to our penile health and fertility, its also bad for our overall health.


A key amino acid that helps to maintain our energy levels, boosting stamina and performance. Another key anti oxidant that removes free radicals, boosting the health and motility of our sperm. This gives our little swimmers a better chance of hitting the spot.

Maca Root

Another proven libido boosting  ingredient courtesy of South America. Its effectiveness does depend on the type of maca used, the one thing that Semenax does not disclose on its label is the type used ( white, Red or Black Maca).

The weaker form is White Maca, but even that will help to boost libido with studies from 2016 showing that it helped to boost libido in test subjects by up to 40%. 

Other studies have showed that large doses of Maca can improve sperm motility and the actual volume of semen being produced. Sadly the dose of Maca in Semenx isn’t as large as what was used in the trials, so it does fall a little short here.

Pine Bark Extract 

Another really powerful antioxidant that works really well at reducing the harmful effects of free radicals. 

A study carried out in Japan showed that its effective at reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and poor semen production.

Its also good at helping tho boost erection strength and overall performance. the dose found in Semenax is ( at 300mg) a really good dose.


A powerful amino acid that helps to increase the levels of nitric oxide win the body. This is essential for maximising healthy blood flow, boosting erection strength, improving performance and reducing cases of impotence.


L-Lysine is yet another key amino acid in the mix, its been clinically shown to boost libido and boost the quality of your semen.

It is also thought to help boost erectile dysfunction, although here is actually limited evidence to support this particular claim. 

Another reason why Semenax includes this ingredient is because L-Arginine actually reduces its levels. So the inclusion makes up for this shortfall

Catuaba Bark

Catuaba is thought of as the feel good hormone, its known to give mood and your general feeling of wellness a great boost

By reducing the effects of stress and anxiety, it can take away the feelings of nerves in the bedroom. It can help to boost virility and help to improve erection strength.

Its more of a secondary ingredient in my opinion, its benefits are certainly welcome but it doesn’t have any direct affect in your semen production or volume

Epimedium ( Horny Goat Weed)

Highly popular ingredient found in numerous male health supplements ( including Max Performer), this is for good reason, its known to boost sexual performance, semen volume and overall libido

Muira Pauma

AKA the “Viagra Of The Amazon” Recognised for its ability to boost testosterone levels, improving libido, and sexual response. It has outer benefits too, in that it helps to reduce the effects of stress, and boost physical performance.

Hawthorn Berry

Often used to help treat blood pressure problems, and improve blood flow. It is high in anti oxidants and has anti inflammatory effects too. There isn’t actually much evidence that it can help boost semen production but it might help boost erection strength to a degree


Another ingredient high in antioxidants that aside from reducing the effects of free radicals, also helps to fight infections and boost overall health. A healthy reproductive system is likely to make increased levels of semen and more healthy, and mobile sperm

Tribulus Terrestris

Found in many male supplements, it has been subjected to some misleading claims in that it DOES NOT boost testosterone as claimed by many manufacturers, but it can and does help improve fertility including sperm count and ejaculate volume

Avena Sativa

Extract of wild oats, has proven aphrodisiac properties, helping to boost erection strength. Also thought to help improve sexual desire in both male and females, helping to boost blood flow to the genital region.


Popular in ancient Chinese medicine for its aphrodisiac properties. it has blood flow boosting, inflammation reducing properties that can really help improve your libido and overall performance.

Swedish Flower Pollen

A powerful anti inflammatory ingredient that can boost the health of your prostate, this is crucial to healthy semen production, boosting the amount of fluid, and maximising the intensity of orgasms

Pumpkin Seed

Rich in fatty acids and essential vitamins, Pumpkin seeds help to boost zinc levels which in turn help increase fertility including sperm production. 

Other benefits can also help improve sleep quality, reducing blood sugar levels and boosting bladder health too.

Where To Buy Semenax

You really should buy direct from the official website (click here) 

There are sellers on amazon and ebay who offer the product at cheaper prices, but there have been some cases of fake products being sold as genuine. 

To avoid this and make sure that you get genuine product, always buy direct from the manufactures, that way you also get the protection of the official 67 day cash back guarantee.

A months supply starts at CA$ 83.39. 

There are some great offers when you buy larger amounts and you can also get free global shipping with you buy 2 bottles or more

Users Testimonials

The official website lists some verified testimonials from satisfied users – here are a few examples:

My Final Thoughts On Semenax

Semenax is very well formulated, it’s clear that the makers have done their research when developing this product. 

They have packed in huge amount of proven, natural ingredients, that all, when taken together, help to ensure good reproductive health, boosting the quality and the volume of the sperm produced.

It’s not a cheap supplement by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s certainly one that is effective, and certainly worth the expense. 

Of all the semen enhancers on the market ( and there are not too many as I have said earlier) this is without doubt the best formulated product of its type.

Bottom Line – If you want to enjoy heightened orgasms, and improved ejaculations then a good semen enhancer like Semenax is the best around.

Just make sure that you order direct from the official website to get the best deals, cash back guarantee and to avoid getting bogus products.

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The information in this website is for advice and guidance only. It is based on my own intensive research and personal experiences, and is not intended in any way to replace professional medical advice, or to diagnose or treat any health conditions. All rights reserved.