Bathmate Hydromax Review Canada

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2019)

Now Available In Canada – Bathmate Hydromax The Worlds Best Selling Penis Pump

Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump

If you are concerned about your ability to get and keep an erection, then this article might be of interest to you. 

Bathmate are the worlds best selling penis hydro pumps, they are used globally for their ability to help men just like you improve your ability to get a solid, long lasting erection, and boost your performance in the bedroom. 

By drawing strong blood flow into the penis they can help to generate longer lasting, firmer erections. With time and regular use, its not uncommon too for users to attain permanent increase in penile length.

Bathmate Hydromax

The Bathmate Hydromax is the mid priced model in the product range, starting with the entry level Hydro model and sitting just behind the top of the range Hydroxtreme, the Hydromax provides excellent results and wide range of benefits to its users.

It comes in a varied selection of sizes to suit all men, and offers great results without effectively breaking the bank.

Its little wonder that it is the most popular, and top selling penis pump in the Bathmate family.

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The Full Bathmate Hydromax Range

There are 5 models in the Hydromax range, each providing the same features and benefits, the differences are solely based on penile size, and its crucial that to get the best results that you choose the correct device for your size. To choose your device, you need to accurately measure your penis when erect.

Its all about having room to grow, without getting a device that’s too large.

Measuring Your Penis

Measuring Your Penis Accurately Is Essential To Get The Right Bathmate Model

To take accurate measurements, you need a flexible tape measure ( or a piece of string and a stiff ruler)

Once erect hold the tape up against the pubic bone at the base of the penis and measure to the tip of your penis. (or use a piece of string and then check the length of the string up against a ruler

You also need to measure the girth, using a flexible tape, measure around the thickest part of the penis to get the girth ( If you do not have flexible tape, simply use some string to measure around your penis and then hold it against a ruler to determine your girth)

Once you have your accurate sizes, you can then choose from the models in the hydromax range to determine the best device for you.

  • For those with a penis length of up to 3” in erect length the Hydromax 3 is the right device for you.
  • Between 5-7” choose the Hydromax7
  • Over 7” you should plump for the Hydromax9.

The other model in the range is the Hydromax7 Wide Boy – This is for those men with a penis measuring 5-7” when erect but also have a thicker than normal girth of 6.5” and wider

How Does The Hydromax Penis Pump Work

Using Bathmate Daily Boosts Erections And Can Generate Permanent Penis Enlargement

Hydromax works by placing the penis under the pressure of a vacuum. Used in the bath or shower, the device is filed with warm water, and then placed over the penis.  

Holding the silicone rubber bellows pump up against the pubic bone, the device is the pumped up an down to expel any air and some of the water create a vacuum inside the device.

Once the penis is under a vacuum, blood is drawn into the penis to generate an erection. Under the vacuum pressure the flow of blood is usually greater than usual and as a direct result the erection is fuller and more powerful, usually with increased mass as the penis grows to its maximum size.

This effect makes the device perfect for those men who struggle to get an erection (Erectile Dysfunction) or find that they are weak or short-lived. 

Erections produced by this method usually last longer with some users reporting that the effects last for up to an hour.

With regular uses of between 15-20 minutes per day, the increase in erect size can become permanent. While under vacuum pressure the pressure within can cause the internal cells in the penis to stretch, tear and duplicate (celluar duplication).

Its basically the same way that bodybuilders in the gym build larger muscles. As cells repair and duplicate, they can slowly add increased tissue mass to the penis, resulting in a permanent increase in length and girth.

Receiving Your Bathmate

Bathmate Is Shipped In Plain Unmarked Packaging

When you order a Bathmate Hydromax its shipped to you in completely plain packaging, with over 25 distribution centres worldwide, you can be assured of a fast delivery regardless where you live.

Once you open the box, is obvious from the start that the build quality is first class, it looks and feels like a quality device.

You can choose from 3 colours – red, blue and clear, you also get a built in comfort pad fitted into the base of the bellows pump – (this is what sets the Hydromax apart from the entry-level Hydro model which can be uncomfortable to use, especially at first)

The medical grade silicone rubber bellows pump will also provide up to 35% more pressure than the standard rubber bellows fitted to the Hydro

Finally the actual chamber of the pump rotates on the bellows so you can keep the measuring gauge in full view while using the device without losing pressure as you tune the device.


Bathmate Shower Strap – An Essential Accessory

Bathmate Hydromax has a lot of additional accessories available, one I would recommend above all others, especially if you are going to use the device in the shower instead of the bath is the shower strap. at $30 its pretty reasonable to buy and will make your shower sessions far easier by supporting the Bathmate, allowing for a hands free operation.

Other accessories include:

  • Carry Case
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Additional Comfort rings
  • Lubes, cock rings and a number of other pieces to enhance your use of your bathmate device

Discover the Full Range of Bathmate Accessories – Click Here

Bathmate Sizes And Pricing

This graphic lists the various Sizes and Current Prices in CAD$ – You can select other currencies on the drop down box on the official website

Hydromax Product Range And Prices

Where Can I Buy Bathmate In Canada

Bathmate Website In Canada

Bathmate is available from many sources online…. BUT BEWARE there are also a lot of counterfeit and copycat devices out there… 

What I strongly recommend is that to be sure of getting genuine Bathmate devices that you buy direct from the official Bathmate website. (Link at the bottom of the page) – Not only will you be sure of buying the official device, you have the backup of of their knowledgeable customer service team who are available to answer any of your queries.

Finally, when buying direct, you are protected by the official Bathmate 60 day bash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund should after using as directed, you are unhappy with the results.

Bathmate ship throughout Canada on a daily basis and to most destinations worldwide (with a few exceptions).

Prices for Hydromax start at CA$130.00 with free shipping.

My Conclusion On Bathmate

Bathmate’s reputation as the worlds best penis pump is well earned, their devices are well built, and  have helped tens of thousands of men globally to enjoy harder, longer lasting erections, improved performance in the bedroom and with regulate use, natural penis enlargement.

With a product range that suits every man of any size and budget, you can be sure that there is a Bathmate device perfect for you.

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