Causes Of Impotence

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2019)

The Causes Of Impotence And How To Treat It

Suffering from impotence is a worldwide problem, it is a frustrating and embarrassing condition that can be caused by a variety of reasons and effects around 40% of men to varying degrees at some point in their lives.

The first step is recognising the cause and once you have done that you can set about treating it.causes_of_impotence

Your impotence could be the result of stress or depression, it could be linked to your lifestyle. More importantly checking there isn’t a medical reason behind it has to be ruled out.

Not Just In The Mind

In the past, doctors have tended to put impotence down to psychological problems and it is only quite recently that they have accepted that the condition could be a medical one.

As much as 70% of men who have the problem have been found to have a physical condition and now can be successfully treated.

Physical Reasons That Cause Impotence:

Reduced Blood Flow – This tends to be linked with erection dysfunction and libido problems.  Treatment is available, but you can help to improve the problem yourself by cutting down on drinking and smoking as they can aggravate the condition.  Too little blood flow will stop you achieving an erection.

Injury – The pelvic and groin area can sustain damage to nerves and tissue if you are injured in that area.  One of the main problems can be difficulty in getting an erection.

Reduced Levels Of Testosterone – More common in older men.  Levels tend to decrease around the mid thirties and can hamper your ability to achieve and sustain an erection difficult.

Medication – Medications are well documented as the cause in some men for limiting erection and low libido levels.  Drugs for conditions such as blood pressure, depression, angina and even anti histamines could have a negative effect.

Psychological Reasons That Cause Impotence

Depression is probably the biggest cause of erection problems.  Other following closely behind are money worries, stress at work, Guilt and Anger.  In fact any anxiety can have a massive impact on sexual health.

Smoking_causes_impotence_by_RFrogzLifestyle – Weight gain, smoking and drinking are known to cause impotence.  A healthier lifestyle can improve all aspects of libido and erection function.

How Can I Treat My Impotence

Finding out what has caused your impotence is your first port of call.  If your problem is a physical one then your doctor should be able to help you address this.  Don’t be embarrassed about making that appointment.  They are used to dealing with many different problems and in most cases, the problem can be treated quickly and effectively.

Don’t shut your partner out, they may be confused and hurt if you are shying away from intimacy. Sit down together and talk about how you are feeling.  Working together to treat the problem could bring you closer.

Change your lifestyle – Cut down on the cigarettes and alcohol, leave the car at home and walk as much as possible.  Increasing your heart rate and opening up the blood vessels can greatly help to improve the condition.

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are always considered to be the best way to treat these problems, and for viagra-blue-pillssome men – yes they can very effective… the problem with these and other prescription drugs s that they do come with a wide range of possible side effects – some even potentially life threatening and for this reason, these sort of pills should NEVER just be bought on the internet, you must obtain them and take them under the advice and guidance of your doctor..

Natural Alternatives

Natural alternatives to these drugs are fast becoming a popular choice, nature has actually been rather generous in giving us some very effective herbal extracts that replicate the effects of viagra and its counterparts  without the nasty side effects

Containing all natural herbal ingredients and 100% safe they offer the same benefits without the risk and whats more they can be purchased without prescription or that embarrassing doctors consultation.

Our Recommended Herbal Remedy To Treat Impotence

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