Curvature Of The Penis

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2019)

What Causes Curvature Of The Penis

Penis Curvature is not as uncommon as you would think.  In some men it is hardly noticeable and causes no problem.  A natural curvature can be inherited through our genes.  For others it can be extremely painful and can hamper the sufferer from enjoying sexual intimacy.peyronies-pic

The medical name for the onset of penis curvature is Peyronies disease.  Hard plaques develop on one side of the penis making the tissue inflexible and this in turn leads to the penis bending to one side.

It is reported that up to 40 % of men have this condition in some form or another.  If the curvature is severe it can have a distressing impact on the sufferer.  Relationships can suffer, even end, due to the difficulty in achieving successful intercourse.

What is Peyronies Disease

It can be likened to scar tissue, as with any scar, the skin around the area is hard and inflamed causing discomfort.  The cause of this on the penis is plaque or a hard lump which begins to form.

It becomes inflexible and the hardened tissue causes the penis to twist or bend.  Because of the rigidity in the damaged tissue an erection becomes difficult and painful.

As the penis fills with blood the flexible tissue expands to form an erection… the areas with the plaques do not expand, leading the penis to curve towards the plaque as it enlarges… You can liken this to the same effect that you would get if you put a sticking plaster onto a ballon and then inflate it.. the area being held by the plaster does not expand and inflate along with the rest of the ballon, causing it to distort.

If the plaque forms on the underneath of the penis, it will bend downwards, if the tissue hardens on the top, the penis will bend upwards.

How To Treat Curvature Of The Penis


The ‘Lue’ procedure. The surgeon removes the plaque and then replaces the affected area with either a patch of skin or artificial material.  There have been some reports of complications with this procedure.  With problems such as loss of erectile function and can stop the penis from becoming rigid.

The ‘Nesbit’ Procedure.  By removing or pinching the tissue from the opposite side of the affected area of the penis.  The aim is balance out the bending effect.  The penis can become shorter when erect.

Implants have had success in straightening the penis.  The implant surgery involves incisions, grafting or placation (folding or pinching the skin).

Non Surgical Treatments For Peyronies Disease

Vitamins and variety of medication have been prescribed by doctors with mix reviews on their success.  They include Vitamin E, Steroid and calcium channel blockers.

The best method of treating Peyronies is now believed to the penis traction device.  Doctors and surgeons are in agreement that it is not only effective but also a far safer method of treatment.

There are no side effects and pain free, unlike invasive surgical procedures.


How Does The Traction Device Work

When the penis is put under pressure, the plaques begin to break down.  When this occurs the cells begin to renew and divide forming new tissue.  The scar tissue begins to decrease and the new skin and cells help the penis to not only straighten but in some cases lengthen.

The pressure applied is gentle and creates a permanent pulling method.  With regular use Peyronies can be corrected successfully with permanent results.

Recommended Device for Treating All Kinds Of Curvature8481-bundle-222x300

There are a variety of devices available, one that seems to stand out from the others is simply called the Peyronies Device.

It is unique in that it treats all types of curvature in all varying degrees.  With comfort being utmost in the makers minds, the device fits all.

It has been proven to produce great lasting results and guaranteed worldwide with a 6 month cash back guarantee.

The system is comfortable and easy to use, with a range of accessories including – massage techniques, oils, amino acids and vitamins to compliment and work with the device.

The Peyronies Device is the first of its kind.  A special designed complete Peyronies treatment system.

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