Does Penis Size Matter

(Last Updated On: June 28, 2020)

Penis Size – Does It Matter?

We have all heard to the familiar saying does penis size matter? A debate that could go on and on.

Probably more to the man himself.  So what are the facts and myths on this subject.?

o-AVERAGE-PENIS-SIZE-facebook-300x217We have all been told that the general view is that size and girth of a penis can vary from race to race.  Are black men more well endowed that white men?  This, it seems, has been proven to just a myth – a long believed view that has probably earned its place in folklore.

The truth is that the average penis length is around 6” no matter colour, race or creed.  This fact has been confirmed through two studies recently carried out to once and for all put paid to the endless speculation.

The studies were independently carried out.  One by Lifestyle condoms, the other by the International Journal of Urology.  Both studies gave their findings as the average erect penis size throughout all colours and cultures ranged between 5.8 and 6.2 inches.

Why Do Men Worry About Their Penis Size

You only have to look at ancient statues and paintings to see that the penis is depicted as a sign of strength and virility.  The larger the penis, the stronger the man.

The ancient rulers were always shown to have a large penis.  Today, it seems, opinion hasn’t changed all that much.  A well endowed man tends to appear more confident, tend to do better in business and have both more confidence and popularity among women.

What Do I Do? – I Have A Small Penis

It kind of makes sense that if you have a smaller than average penis, it can impact on your self sizematters-300x200confidence.  One of the main worries men have is sexual relationships (“will she be disappointed” ??).

For some men this would be a minor setback in the scheme of things, but for most it is not.

There is help at hand with various methods to make your penis bigger.  Some are questionable, even harmful.  There are others that are very effective.

Common Penis Enlargement Methods

Penis enlargement by surgery is one route you could take, but no known for giving the best results.    Apart from the risk that invasive surgery can carry.  The patient can be left with erection problems.

The procedure involves inserting implants into the penis, which is not that effective and can leave you with penis that looks ‘out of shape’ with some men experiencing erection problems.

Exercises can be beneficial.  A technique called jelqing was used by ancient Arabic tribes.  It works by stretching and pulling the penis and young men often used this method for sexual encounters.

If you use this exercise method regularly, it can help to lengthen and thicken the penis. There are also more modern routines available.  Much along the same lines as jelqing.

The Best and Most Effective Method

penis-extenderTraction devices are proven to be the most effective way to improve the length and girth of your penis. They are similar to conventional traction methods used by surgeons to strengthen and lengthen limbs.

Practiced worldwide with great success by the medical profession and even used by some tribes to lengthen lips, ear lobes and necks.

How Does A Penis Traction Device Work

You place the device over your penis, it then creates a constant, but painless, pulling pressure along the length of the penis.  Using the device over time causes the internal cells to separate and divide, new cell production helps to add more tissue mass and this in turn give more length and thickness to the penis.

Results are assured and permanent.  Using the device over time can give up to an added 3 inches to the length.  Its not an overnight cure, but with commitment and correct use, the results are there for the taking.

Two hours a day is the recommended wearing time.

The makers recommend using the device for up to 6 months.  Results do depend on how often you use and for how long each time.  One british journalist decided to use one for research purposes for the Daily Mail newspaper and gained 1/2” in just two weeks.

Size Genetics Penis Extender

One Traction device that ticks all the right boxes and proven results is Size Genetics.  It one dvd-box-261x300of only a handful of devices with fully recognised medical endorsement of its effectiveness in increased length and girth.

The Device was in developed in Denmark by a specialist surgeon over 15 years ago.  Originally for the purpose of support the penis after surgery or injury, with the device also being one of only a few officially classified as a type one medical device used by the medical profession.

Made from quality medical grade materials can safely and effectively give the user the results they require.

Size Genetics is available worldwide with a 6 month guarantee and fast delivery worldwide.

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