Gynaecomastia aka Man Boobs

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2020)


How To Treat Gynaecomastia

You Don’t Have To Let Man Boobs Spoil Your Life


A condition that many men worldwide suffer from (often in silence) is an embarrassing condition that can make their lives miserable.

Man Boobs (Gynaecomastia) is more common that often thought. 

It should not be confused with being overweight.  Yes the extra pounds do go to the chest but that is a completely different problem.

Losing weight will not reduce Gynaecomastia.

Many men who suffer with this condition become despondent, lack confidence and often shy away from intimate relationships through sheer embarrassment. 

The gym becomes a no go area and inevitably depression can rear its ugly head.

Caused by hormonal imbalance that generates the growth of excess breast tissue, it can affect any man, regardless of how slim or fit he is… You do not have to be overweight to suffer from Gynaecomastia

Treatments Of Gynaecomastia

Surgery up until quite recently was considered the only real solution to ridding yourself of gynecomastia and as with all surgical procedures, it carries some risk and can be very expensive – Not a viable option for everyone….

The problem is largely hormonal and because of this, unless addressed, the problem could in some cases re-occur over time.

There are alternative natural treatments which are aimed at reducing the excess breast tissue by addressing these hormone levels.

How You Could Reduce Your Man Boobs In 12 Weeks Without Surgery

gynexin canada

A product that has been proven to get rid of unwanted fatty tissue around the breast area is Gynexin

Formulated by Canadian Based Specialists Zudker, has had great results in balancing the hormone levels and treating Gynaecomastia without the discomfort and cost of conventional surgery.

With its unique mix of ingredients proven to reduce excess fatty tissue and regulate the hormonal imbalances that cause man boobs.

Gynexin is best used alongside Korexin and Gynexol – its sister products – and effectively clears the excess breast tissue in just 12 weeks.

Its formula contains all natural ingredients and is affordable and completely safe to use.

Surgery could cost upwards of $4000.  Gynexin costs a mere fraction..

Taken on its own it is a very effective and powerful method of reducing the visible effects of Gyanecomastia… prices start at $69.95 for a months supply and can be bought from the official Gynexin Website

The effects can be improved by utilising the entire Gynexin system and combining this powerful and effective supplement with its sister products Korexin and Gynexol

How Does The Gynexin Treatment Plan Work

Stage One Weeks 1-12

Just take two Gynexin capsules a day.  This helps to level out hormonal irregularities and reduct excess adipose breast tissue.  You will find that the chest area will firm and tighten.  To get the best results, use for the full 12 weeks.

korexin-300x300The treatment acts directly on the excess breast tissue.  The chest will start to regain its firmness and the excess tissue will start to diminish.

For the first 4 weeks – it is recommended to also take Korexin

With essential fatty acids it help to promote the fat burning process, reducing deposits of fat that cause the man boobs.

This forms the main course of the treatment plan – the cost just $233.85 for a full 12 weeks supply of Gynexin and a 4 week supply of Korexin.

Stage 2 ( weeks 8-12)

The makers suggest that to enjoy the full benefit from the treatment, Gynexol should be used Unknownfor the last month (weeks 8-12).

This formula is specifically for tightening and firming the male breast tissue.  With a natural sculpting formula to further promote a firm smooth masculine chest.

Gynexol costs just $79.00 for a 4 weeks supply.

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The Total Cost Of The  Full Treatment Plan Costs $313.85 – Only 6% of the cost of surgery!

All order carry a full cash back guarantee as the makers Zudker are confident that users will be pleased with the results.

If you are not completely satisfied after using the treatment plan as directed, just claim your refund. – See Website for t&c’s

Get Rid Of Your Gynaecomastia NOW

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