How Much Weigh Should I Lose- Is My Waist Too Large

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2019)

Waist Size Matters

Doctors and health experts say that we misunderstand the importance of our waist size ratio to our over all body weight.  We misjudge our waist size and don’t tend to realise the importance of keeping the fat around the torso to a minimum.

Here In Canada the average men’s waist size is an amazing  37”, in fact this shows a trend84593461-615x311-300x151 leaning towards populations of unfit men who are at risk of health problems, and even a shorter life expectancy.

It is recommended that the waist size should be under 40” but if possible less than 37” to help keep poor health at bay.

A study that was recently carried showed that a massive 87% of men didn’t know their exact waist size.

Why A Large Waist Size Is Harmful

Carrying too much fat around the stomach can release harmful chemicals in to the body. These can lead to heart disease, diabetes, even some forms of cancer.

We all know that extra weight is bad for the body for many reasons.  Data has been compiled regarding the dangers of excess eating, but it is not easy to change dietary patterns and lifestyle can make it hard to make the changes.

The first, but possibly hardest thing to try and do is to change your diet and the amount you actually eat.. its amazing the difference that reducing your daily calorie intake can make.. the recommended intake for a man is 2500 calories per day, yet you will be amazed how many men eat double that amount..

try putting your meals on a smaller plate… portion control is amazingly easy, but many fail to do it successfully .. a smaller plate holds less, and therefore you will eat less…. just don’t go back for a second helping…

man_walking_up_stairs_harticle_embedLifestyle is also crucial, now we are not talking about becoming a gym fanatic here, simply try and build into your daily routine some simple exercise that gets your heart rate pumping….

if you work nearby to where you live, then leave the car at home and walk to work..failing that, if you have stairs at home, walk briskly up and down them several times, have a short rest and repeat… all this can take no more than 10 minutes per day, but can improve and in many cases save your life.

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

There are of course, many weight loss supplements or diet pills around, many make wild claims about what they can do and how much weight they can help you lose… some do live up to their promises, while many fail to deliver..

There is one product that does work and the key ingredient is is approved and recommended by TV’s DR Oz – called Garcinia Cambogia , It is a weight loss product that has been developed to aid successful weight loss by making it easier to stick to your plans.

About Garcinia Cambogia 

The Dr Oz TV Show has featured Garcinia and its benefits to both suppress the appetite and garcinia-extractsto help increase the body’s natural fat burning processes.  What makes this dietary supplement so appealing is that it is 100% natural and has been proven to help users stick to a healthy eating plan without the temptation to snack.

Made from a natural fruit extract, Garcinia Cambogia changes the way that the body deals with the fats and carbohydrates in the food we eat… usually only a small fraction of the carbs in our diet, gets processed for energy, with the rest being passed through our system, causing fat to stored in our body… Garcinia alters all this, and effectively blocks this fat storing process… instead, most of the fats and carbs are channels through our fat burning process to provide us with increased energy, as our energy levels rise, so does our metabolism, which in turn triggers the natural burning of fat stores.

This combination provides us with increase energy and some quite substantial weight loss – often in a relatively short period of time

Users of Garciania Cambogia can lose up to 7kg and up to 2 inches of body fat in just one month.

Whats more, Garcinia Cambogia has an effect on the production of a natural hormone called seratonin.. this hormone is responsible for many processes, none more so that our feeling of fullness.. with increased seratonin levels, we naturally feel fuller and are less likely to eat garcinia-cambogia-extra-bottlebetween meals

Without doubt, the most effective out of hundreds of Garcinia Products is the one supplied by Advanced Health… called Garcinia Cambogia Extra it takes a powerful dose of Garcinia Cambogia and couples it with Raspberry Ketones – another DR Oz approved ingredient to provide some fantastic results.

For More Information About Garcinia Cambogia Extra

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