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(Last Updated On: March 26, 2019)

Instant Knockout Review

Possibly The Best Professional Grade Cutting Supplement Ever

Instant knockout is a professional grade fat burner originally reserved for boxers and MMA (martial arts) fighters to help them drop fat quickly iko3-300x261before weighing in before fights without losing valuable muscle mass and strength.

A 100% natural, but powerful blend of essential ingredients ensures that cutting fat is fast and safe.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fighter yourself, a keen bodybuilder or a regular guy who has decided that he wants to lose a few pounds, tone up and get fitter.. this product comes highly recommended.

What Does Instant Knockout Do

Boosts Energy – the clever mix of natural stimulants help release unwanted fat for fuel, boosting sugar balances and increasing energy – this means that your workouts are more effective, you recover quicker and that unwanted fat simply melts away.

Burns Fat – By increasing body temperature – a process known as thermogenesis, your body reacts by trying to cool down, using stored fat reserves as energy.

Makes You Eat Less – Instant Knockout contains glucommanan – a special dietary fibre that helps to provide a pleasant feeling of fullness, meaning that you are less inclined to eat between meals.

The Formula In Instant Knockout

Bodybuilders in particular really know their stuff and just one glance at the ingredient list will tell anybody that Instant Knockout is cleverly conceived and well thought out.

It contains just the right mix of natural stimulants, vitamins and minerals that burn fat, boost energy and help reduce appetite – all essential for those ( lets face it) difficult cutting cycles

Each Serving contains

  • Vitamin B6 5mg
  • Vitamin B12 10mcg2014-09-12 17.36.46
  • Zinc 10mg
  • GTF Chromium 100mcg
  • Green Tea Extract 500mg
  • Green Coffee Extract 100mg
  • Cayenne Powder 100mg
  • Glucomannan 500mg
  • Caffeine 350mg
  • Black Pepper Extract 10mg

Directions For Taking Instant Knockout

4 capsules per day is recommended.. the makers recommend taking as follows

  1. After Waking
  2. Before Lunch
  3. Mid Afternoon
  4. Before Evening Meal

Users Feedback

Although its still a relatively new product, the lists of independent reviews are building fast, with users of all ages reporting fast fat loss, and a tremendous boost to energy.

Order_Instant_Knockout___Instant_Knockout___fat_burnerAlthough aimed at male bodybuilders, it seems that a few female athletes are also getting in on the act, we came across a few reviews the other day from keen women gym goers who have also enjoyed the fat burning and energy boosting power provided by Instant Knockout  so it seems to be popular across the board.

Any Reported Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects.. that said, it does contain caffeine so it may not suit all users.. if you tend to get affected by caffeine, it could be worth taking a reduced dose at first to check tolerance before taking it at the full amount.

Where To Buy In Canada

Edit_Post_‹_Fat_Burner_Expert_—_WordPressAvaialble direct from the official website – 

ordering is simple and secure and orders to Canada are shipped from a US based hub to ensure that your order is received quickly. ( The makers actually shop worldwide from distribution hubs in the US, UK and Australia)

A months supply costs $59.00…. There are some larger packages available and we do recommend the Ultimate Shredding Package as the best buy..

For $185.00 you receive 3 months supply plus a 4th month free, plus a free workout Tee shirt.

Whats more your order is protected by a 90 day cash back guarantee that assures you of a full refund if dissatisfied with results.

Our Thoughts

Bodybuilders and athletes in general have been waiting for a long time for a product like Instant Knockout to some along.. Its obvious that the makers have taken a lot of time to research and formulate their product and it’s certainly one that we recommend without any hesitation.

Why Not Give It A Go?

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