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My Thoughts And Findings On Prime Male Low Testosterone Supplement

prime male canada

My name is Paul and I am the owner/editor of

I am in my late 50’s and late last year i was diagnosed with low testosterone by my doctor..

I didn’t feel that unwell to be honest…. it was just that that i had noticed a reduction in my energy levels, i wasn’t sleeping that well, I felt tired all the time and I found that I didn’t feel like having sex anymore..

Something that upset my partner no end and it was beginning to cause some arguments and bad feelings at home.

The test was simple enough, just a blood test, and after a few days, i was told that my testosterone levels were 400 ml/dl which to be fair isn’t as bad as it could be…

Some guys have levels that drop below 300ml/dl and they really do have was however, low enough to be causing some of my problems.

My doctor told me that he could offer me some testosterone therapy in the form of a gel or a patch, but having read the news articles about all these lawsuits that are being filed by users of these type of products ( who have suffered health issues and even heart attacks after using these kinds of products) I told him that I will hold off going down that route at first, and maybe explore some natural T boosters instead..

To be fair to my Doctor… he agreed with me, he himself is actually a great advocate of natural products, he told me to just to do my homework first as there are a great deal of products out there that use untried and untested ingredients..

I spent just over a week researching and reading as many articles and clinical trials as I could find and came up with a list of 10 ingredients that have been clinically proven to boost testosterone safely..

Now The Hard Part – To Find a Product That Uses These Tried And Tested Ingredients

Armed with my list I started researching actual Testosterone boosters and you will be amazed just how many products there are, and even more shocking, as i discovered – just how many products use ingredients that simply do not work….

take Tribulus Terrestris for a start, it’s found in probably 80% of all testosterone boosting products, but it simply has no clinically proven T boosting effects at all… yes it can help boost sex drive to a point, so it’s not totally worthless, but as for curing low testosterone, it’s a proven non starter..

Prime Male

prime male canada

After much reading and researching, I came across a product called Prime Male.. made in the UK but available worldwide, it is (I have to say) one of the best thought out and well formulated products of its kind.. it’s obvious that the people behind it have given a lot of research and planning when deciding on its formula.

The formula is fully disclosed ( which is a great start) – you will be shocked and surprised as to just how many products do not even tell you whats in the formula, or if they tell you the ingredients, they fail to let you know how much of everything is in each dose…

Now I for one prefer to know exactly what I am taking and so when i saw the formula in Prime Male I felt comfortable taking it..

Each serving of Prime Male contains fully disclosed doses of


All the ingredients listed have positive clinical approval in both testosterone boosting and the treating of the unpleasant side effects that guys with low T can experience

You Can Buy Prime Male From

Taking Prime Male

The suggested dose is 4 capsules a day – I took one with each meal and the last one before going to bed.

My Results

I have to say that for the first 7-10 days I didn’t feel much different.. but gradually i started to feel more awake, more energised and definitely more sexually alive ( if you known what i mean).

I started waking with morning wood once again.. a sure sign that my sex drive was back and fully functioning….

Now 2 months in, I genuinely feel 10-15 years younger, i feel vital, more energised and as horny as a teenager..

I have checked my results with some other users of Prime Male, and can tell you right now that I am not alone… this product has changed many mens lives – all for the good…

                 I Cannot Recommend Prime Male Enough !!

Where To Buy Prime Male

I bought Prime Male from the manufacturers official website, they ship worldwide and with centers in both the US and the UK, shipping is fast and secure.. (I live just outside Montreal and my order took just 3 days to arrive.)

2014-07-29 10.39.01

Prime Male costs $69 for months supply. they do offer larger quantities at discounted prices..

I bought the 4 month pack and only paid for 3 months (1 free) that cost me $219 ( with free shipping).

The other thing that attracted me was the fact that all buyers get the protection of a 90 day cash back guarantee on all orders

The makers are quite clear and open about this.. ‘If you buy Prime Male and it doesn’t work for you, simply return the empty box(es) for a full refund with no questions being asked.’

I couldn’t personally ask for more….

If you are suffering from the effects of low testosterone, you do have a proven alternative to those risky prescription treatments – Prime Male!!

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