TestoFuel Canada

TestoFuel Canada

TestoFuel Testosterone Booster Review

Now available In Canada – Top Rated Testosterone Booster

Testofuel has in just over a year become one of the best selling and effective testosterone boosters in the world…..

2014-11-02 13.12.28 Praised by athletes and body builders for its ability to help boost muscle mass and strength, also used and appreciated by guys who are experiencing the effects of Low Testosterone, with reduced sex drive, poor sleep quality and increased bodyfat being 3 key side effects.

Whats In TestoFuel

Testofuel is made using a well conceived and fully disclosed formula that provides users with maximum benefits with no reported side effects.

Each dose delivers:


  • Vitamin D3 5000iu
  • Vitamin K2 180mcg
  • Vitamin B6 5mg
  • Magensium 200mg
  • Zinc 10mg
  • D-Aspartic Acid 2300mg
  • Siberian Ginseng 100mg
  • Fenugreek 100mg
  • Oyster Extract 100mg

Very few test boosters offer an ingredient profile as concentrated as this, in fact it was the first ever T-Booster to acknowledge and include the powerful boosting effects of Oyster extract, with over 10 x the Zinc contained in the finest lean beef steak, Oyster has proved itself to be a worthy and effective addition when seeking improved muscle mass, strength and/or libido.

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Taking TestoFuel

The recommended dose is 4 caps a day, take 1 at breakfast, and then with lunch, dinner and before bed… there is no need to cycle Testofuel and is perfect for use when cutting, bulking and during PCT

Users Feedback

Feedback is really positive, we have yet to come across anybody who has failed to see good results when using testofuel…. most reported good gains in strength, mass and a very welcome spike in sex drive..

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There have been no reports of any side effects resulting from the use of Testofuel.

Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back

Testofuel offer a full 90 days cash back guarantee – something NO OTHER T-Booster provides

Where To Buy Testofuel

You can buy Testofuel securely online from the official website, with distribution hubs in the USA, Australia, Canada and the UK, orders are shipped worldwide quickly and securely.2014-11-04 11.02.13

A months supply costs $65.00,

you can buy two months supply for $130.00

Our vote for Best Buy is the ‘Ultimate Muscle Gainers Package’ – for just $167.50 buyers receive 3 boxes of testofuel  and 2 very useful E books, one on nutrition and the other on workouts.

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