What Causes Stained Teeth

Common Causes Of Stained Teeth

Our Teeth are exposed to many substance that cause staining.  Tea, coffee, cigarettes and red wine are some of the main culprits.

The list is long with fizzy drinks and even health fruit juices making their presence known.bb3a249ceb-300x221

What Can I Do To Prevent Staining

You can’t actually completely avoid staining without seriously restricting your food and drink intake and that would not be practical.  You could drink cold drinks through a straw to minimise staining or rinse your mouth out with water immediately after every drink.  Neither of these would be easy to stick to or enjoyable.

Other Causes Of Stained Teeth

Medications can have an adverse effect on our teeth.  Antibiotics can not only staining but can colour the teeth a blues grey.  Two antibiotics that have been known to cause this are minoclyline and tetracycline.  Hard to remove at any time and if you are taking this medication for a long time the staining then become almost impossible to clear.

Antihistamines are also responsible in some cases to cause staining. A visit to the dentist or your doctor may be a good idea to discuss a possible alternative medication that may not have a detrimental effect on the teeth.

DSCF4766W-300x211As we get older our teeth naturally become more yellow in colour.  This is due to the enamel thinning and the more yellow in colour under layer – called Dentin becomes exposed.

Our genetics can also play a big part in the colour and strength of our teeth – if your parents have white teeth, its every likelyhood that you will follow suit.

There are many foods and fruits that can stain our teeth:

dark coloured fruits, soy sauce, curries and any foods that use highly coloured herbs such as paprika or saffron can all causes staining so its crucial to try and clean your teeth as soon as possible after eating – if thats not possible, rinse with water, or chew sugar free gum

 Remember This – Food That Stains Our Clothes Will Also Stain Our Teeth

Surgery and injury to the teeth can also cause discolouration.

Keeping Teeth From Staining

A visit to your dentist twice  a year is essential to keep on top of the health of teeth and gums. man_brush_teeth-254x300Brush teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to help remove stubborn bacteria and plaque. interdental brushes are even better, and are readily available at pharmacies and most supermarkets in a wide range of sizes

How To Reduce Staining On Teeth

Brushing teeth regularly does help to reduce discolouration but does not remove all signs of yellowing and staining – these can only be removed by whitening treatments.

Professional teeth whitening is highly effective but can be costly.  With prices starting at around $200 – $300 its not a viable option for everyone.

An Effective Alternative

Home whitening treatments have now become a popular, effective and affordable choice.

With great results and the convenience of using in your own home, proven to remove the unsightly stains and yellowing that spoils your smile.

There are some good choices available and at affordable prices are an excellent alternative to professional whitening.

smile-4-you-before-and-after1Home whitening treatments have come in for some criticism due to the earlier home kits being considered not as effective as professional alternatives.

This is not the case any more as they have been proven to whiten teeth by many shades effectively.

A good home whitening kit would use the same methods and components as a dental surgeon and carry the same effective results, the only difference is the cost would be considerably lower.

A kit will cost around $30 – $50, it could be less – the kit should consist of sufficient materials to give you many treatments – some give up to 200 treatments.  This would be a great saving as professional treatments are usually a one off and would mean that the cost of repeat visits would be expensive.

Canada’s Best Selling Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Out of all the kits available, one that comes highly recommended is USA made Smile4you, the only kit  in the world with full FDA approval, it uses dental grade whitening gel (16% carbamide peroxide) to whiten your teeth by up to 11 shades in as little as 14 days without the risk of sensitivity that can be caused by kits that use over strength gels…. most users experience noticeable results after the first 20-30 minute treatment.

Developed by one of the USA’s most respected Dental surgeons – a DR George Madray, he smile4you-latest-packaging--243x300combined the same gel that is used in many professional surgeries and put everything that you could possibly need together in an easy to use home kit.

Whats In The starter Smile4you Kit

  • Buyers get sufficient Dental grade whitening gel for up to 200 treatments
  • 2 ‘warm and form’ customisable teeth application trays
  • Full instructions

The starter kit costs just $29.99 but you can even better value by opting for one of the better kits:

Our vote and recommendation for best buy is the Express Whitening and Aftercare Pack :

Buy_Smile4You_Teeth_Whitening_KitsFor just $39.99 you will receive the same as above plus:

Blue LED accelerator light assembly – as used by dentists to speed and improve the whitening process

2 aftercare gels – helps to strengthen and protect the enamel

Professional whiteness shade guide – allows you to monitor your whitening results

With ALL kits you also get a full 14 days cash back guarantee – if you don’t see amazing results within 14 days simply return the kit for a full refund.

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