What Causes Arthritis

(Last Updated On: March 26, 2019)

Causes And Treatments  Of Arthritis

Arthritis is basically an inflammation of the joints.  There are several types of arthritic disease, ranging from mild rheumatic aches and pains to more serious life altering conditions.

Some conditions include: Rheumatoid, Systemic Lupus, Gout, and Osteoarthritis.back-pain

Osteoarthritis is probably the most common type, usually affecting sufferers in middle and old age, although younger people can develop the condition often aggravated by sports.

What Is Osteoarthritis

Our joints are made up of two interlocking bones, these enable our arms, legs,neck and other parts of our body’s move freely.  These bones are cushioned by cartilage which sits in between each part of bone to stop them rubbing together.  When the cartilage begins to wear or is damaged the bones can connect causing friction.  This can lead to swelling and pain.

It can be a gradual process where the sufferer notices subtle differences and slight discomfort or stiffness.  In some cases it can appear almost overnight. If the symptoms are severe it can lead to constant pain and impact on the quality of life.  The worst case scenario is for it to become a disability.

This condition can occur almost anywhere but more commonly in the hands, neck, lower back, knees, hips and spine.

What Are The Symptoms?

Joints-Pain-Treatment-and-Relief1-300x195Stiffness is normally the first sign with soreness within the affected joint.  Usually at this stage taking plenty of rest would usually calm the symptoms.  If the condition worsens, general movement and everyday tasks can be affected.  You will find that you will need to rest more frequently to help the pain and stiffness subside.

How Do I Diagnose Arthritis

You will need to be examined by a doctor to establish exactly what type you may have and to what degree.  MRI Scanning or X-rays will more than likely be the first step, blood tests can also determine some arthritic conditions. Your doctor will discuss the results and what treatment option are available to you.

Arthritis Treatment

As yet, there is no cure for Arthritic conditions, all doctors can really do is to manage both the swelling and the pain.. there are various treatments to help manage the symptoms.  Steroid injections have been successful in reducing pain and swelling to the joints, mostly for joints such as elbows and knees.  Surgery can be advised, but this would usually be for the more severe cases. Joints (hips for example) can be replaced.

To ease the symptoms it is vital that you keep as active as you can and eat a healthy diet.  medicine_250x251Weight gain can have an adverse effect on the symptoms due to the extra pounds that the body is carrying around putting an added amount of stress on the joints.

Are Steroid Treatments Safe?

Using Steroid therapy treatment are perfectly safe and effective if used as a short term solution.  Long term use of steroids can have side effects and are not advisable.

It is important to bear in mind that although painkillers are a necessary form of relief for arthritic conditions, these can be addictive and it is a good idea to talk over with your doctor what is best to take and what the possible side effects these may have.

Pain Relief With Side Effects

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