Where To Buy Penomet In Canada

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2020)

Penomet Pump Review [Updated 2020]

 The Fast Way To Improve Your Erection Size And Power

The Penomet Device is one of a new generation of penis pumps, it does not use mechanical  traction or manual stretching, it works by a vacuum method helped by water.  It improves erections quickly and quickly giving a permanent enhancement if used regularly.

Convenient to use, it uses the power of water to not only give maximum results, but to help penomet-kit-273x300support the penis comfortably while you are using the device.

Penomet Can

  • Increase Erection Size And Staying Power
  • Treat Erectile Dysfunction
  • Improve Sexual Performance
  • Give Permanent Results If Used Regularly
  • Renew Sexual Confidence

Is The Penomet Device Safe

Some types of air based vacuum pumps have been reported to have caused tissue damage, this has occurred due to some pumps being over pressurised.  This is where Penomet is different.  The penis is supported and protected by the water, the penis is fully cushioned to ensure comfort and safety while being used.

The pressure can be released instantly if need and there are choices of rubber gaiters giving you various vacuum working pressures giving you more comfort and control over the results.

Penomet is considered a better option due to the fact that unlike many other pumps on the market that work on a single pressure and this can limit results.  Penomet offers a number of interchangeable gaiters that provide differing levels of vacuum. As you reach maximum gains with the first gaiter, you then move up to the next one and carry on.

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How Does It Work

penomet-in-use-175x300For Use in the bath or shower, Penomet is filled with water and then placed on to the penis. The rubber gaiter is held against the groin to create a seal to allow the vacuum to develop.

The device is then pumped up and down, this pushes water and air form the device and causes the vacuum inside which then creates the pressure on the penis.

The vacuum draws increased amounts of blood into the penis, this generates powerful erections that are visibly larger and longer than usual

Achieve Larger, Visibly Longer Erections In a Few Minutes

Penomet will improve sexual performance with initial use, essential for those who suffer with erectile dysfunction, with regular use erections will become harder and longer lasting.

Will The Increases Be Permanent

After the first few uses the increased size and girth will revert back to normal after the erection subsides, but with 20 minutes a day of regular use the increases in length and thickness can become permanent

By using Penomet daily and for the recommended time period, the vacuum pressure will gradually encourage the internal cells to divide and duplicate.  As with any traction device used by doctors to straighten or lengthen limbs, with time the results are effective.

With new skin cells and blood vessels developing through the treatment, the penis will steadily increase in size.

How Long Does It Take

There are noticeable results within minutes.  Using the Penomet device over time will give the user harder and larger erections with permanent results.  Users can expect to achieve around 1/2” growth in 2 weeks.  For maximum gains (as much as 3”) you need to use Penomet for up to 6 months.

Where To Buy The Penomet Device In Canada

Penomet can be ordered directly from the official website with speedy and secure shipping.clothes-shopping-300x250

Every order is covered by the protection of a full refund guarantee of 60 days giving you the opportunity to try the device completely risk free – this is the longest guarantee of any penis vacuum device – if you do not see any improvement after recommended usage, return the device within the two month period and received your money back in full.

The Penomet Device starts at $127, with optional extras and packages available, all with increased benefits at discounted prices.

Our Vote For Best Buy Is The Premium Device… the package includes:

  • The Penomet Device in a choice of six colours
  • The Complete Range Of 6 Interchangeable Gaiters
  • 3yr Warranty
  • Shower Strap ( allows hands free use while standing in the shower)
  • Gunshine Cleaning foam

This costs $297.00….

Order Your Penomet Device Today And Enjoy Longer Harder Erections

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